Sunday, 7 May 2017

#HolsDirect is changing to #BookHolsDirect

#HolsDirect, the Twitter Hour run by Book your Holiday Direct Twitter Hour is getting bigger and changing its name to #BookHolsDirect.  It runs every Monday evening from 7pm to 8pm (UK time) and 8pm to 9pm (in France)

The aim of #BookHolsDirect is to help show everyone the advantage of booking holidays direct with the owner.  In this way both holiday home owners and holidaymakers avoid the booking fees that many online listing sites charge.  Have you seen how much these are?  If not have a read here.

Some tips when you join in:

> Remember to use the hashtag #BookHolsDirect in all your tweets so others taking part can find you.

> Look out for the 4 questions we will ask through the hour - you can see a sneak preview below - if you answer them remember to start with A1 etc

> Ask your own questions like the one below to try and get conversations going - and Twitter is all about chatting:
#BookHolsDirect - are you looking for a holiday in #yourlocation?  Have a look at our website
> Tag other local businesses etc - when you show support for them they often show support for you.

> Use other popular hashtags like #MondayMotivation

> Link to other relevant hashtags such as #DorsetHour

> Be chatty, RT and comment.  

> Try also to give both our group and the map a mention too.  Here are the links:
Our map -

#BookHolsDirect Questions for Monday 8th May

7pm, Q1: Everyone:
Wimbledon or Tour de France?  Which do you like more?

7.15pm, Q2: Holiday Home Owners
What sporting events and activities are there near your property?

7.30pm, Q3: Everyone:
Activity holiday or total relaxation. What type of break do you prefer?

7.45pm, Q4: Holiday Home Owners:
Tell us about your May/June availability and special offers

#BookHolsDirect is free to join us and totally free to promote your holiday home. Join the friendly admin team on Twitter and Facebook to showcase your holiday property to the World Wide Web!

Please remember no links to booking websites or agencies.

If you need a bit of help knowing how best to take part have a read of our tips here and here.

We look forward to chatting with you on Monday 8th May.  Your hosts will be:

See you then!
Linda and Rosie

PS - if you have any questions please join our Facebook group and message one of the admin team or leave a comment below.

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