Monday, 1 May 2017

Book Your Holiday Direct is on Instagram

Without the twitter hour this week admin from Book Your Holiday Direct have been left to get in to all sorts of mischief! We have turned our sights to the newest of the social media platforms that up until now we had not had a presence on - INSTAGRAM.

Our Instagram Account - BookHolsDirect

We have set up an account under the name of BookHolsDirect and we are experimenting with the best ways in which to use it.  To start off please do come and follow our account - @bookholsdirect and we will of course follow you back. 
Then we suggest that every now and then you send an interesting photo from your own account to @bookholsdirect and we will repost it.   As we understand it, it is not a good idea to flood other followers with loads of photos every day.  We would therefore aim to post around 2 photos each day selecting from those that have been submitted to us ... so don't panic if your photo doesn't appear straight away.   Please do also add likes and comments to the photos on our BookHolsDirect account and those on our members' accounts as this will help to boost all our accounts.

Tip: It seems difficult, if not impossible at this time, to repost animated posts so please stick with stills unless you can suggest a way of posting the moving images. 

Our Hashtag >>> #BookHolsDirect

As well as sharing your images on our account we all would like to follow other owners and like/comment on your photos.  We hope you will also follow other owner accounts and like/comment on their photos.  To help find you all we are suggesting we use the hashtag #BookHolSDirect on any posts related to your rental.

We need your help!

We are by no means experts with this particular platform so we are happy to hear from anyone who may have advice as to how best to use it.  We would love to know if you find particular hashtags get you more likes and comments.  Maybe certain pictures work better than others or you might have other tips would be great for all of us to grow our Instagram accounts.  Please do drop us a comment below.  Thank you.

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  1. What was discovered today was that for the hashtags to perform properly, they need to be in the 'Caption' or 'text' when your post is created. if you usually add your hashtags as comments to your own posts they won't transfer across with the software we are using.