Saturday, 8 April 2017

#HolsDirect Twitter Hour Mon 10th April

#HolsDirect is a Twitter Hour run by Book your Holiday Direct Twitter Hour every Monday evening from 7pm to 8pm (UK time) and 8pm to 9pm (in France)

The aim is to help show everyone the advantage of booking holidays direct with the owner.  In this way both holiday home owners and holidaymakers avoid the booking fees that many online listing sites charge.  Have you seen how much these are?  If not have a read here.

Helping the #HolsDirect Twitter Hour to Grow 

The aim of #HolsDirect Hour is to help owners get more direct bookings through spreading the #HolsDirect message about booking direct. You can read some of our tips here and here  to get more from the Hour.  You might also want to consider asking questions like these to try and get conversations going - and Twitter is all about chatting:

#HolsDirect - are you looking for a holiday in #yourlocation?  Have a look at our website

Also remember to tag other local businesses etc - when you show support for them they often show support for you.  So head off and find out if your local museums, restaurants etc have a Twitter account and add their  handle in your tweets.  This tweet from linking to @BodbantGardenNT got a very pleasing 7 RTs:

Try also to give both our group and the map a mention too.  Here are the links:
Our map -

Last week #HolsDirect tweets reached over 53,000 accounts in the final 14 minutes of the hour and each week we are seeing more people involved, both tweeting the hashtag and RTing your tweets.  Thank you all for your support.

#HolsDirect - Monday 10th April

From 7pm UK time (8pm French time) we will be asking 4 questions related to holiday accommodation and holidays in the UK and France and asking owners of holiday accommodation and those looking for holidays to join in with #HolsDirect

#HolsDirect Hour Questions – Monday 10th April

7pm, Q1: Everyone:
Roast beef or boeuf bourguignon. Does the #UK or #France cook a better Sunday dinner?

7.15pm, Q2: Holiday Home Owners
What museums do you have nearby?

7.30pm, Q3: Everyone:
What do you ALWAYS take on #holiday with you? Tea bags, Sun cream, Marmite??

7.45pm, Q4: Holiday Home Owners:
Tell us your May availability and special offers.

#HolsDirect is free to join us and totally free to promote your holiday home. Join the friendly admin team on Twitter and Facebook to showcase your holiday property to the World Wide Web!

Link to our map

Please remember no links to booking websites or agencies.

If you need a bit of help knowing how best to take part have a read of our tips here and here.

We look forward to chatting with you on Monday 10th April.  Your hosts will be:

See you then!
Alison and Rosie

PS - if you have any questions please join our Facebook group and message one of the admin team.