Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to be a Featured Property on Twitter or Facebook

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed on our Twitter page and Facebook group that we have had Featured Properties.   If you would like your property to be featured on either of these then read on!

To be a Featured Property on Twitter

On Twitter we will now be featuring a property for a week at a time so your cottage or gite could be pinned to the top for 7 days giving you lots of extra exposure.  To get featured:

1.  Your property needs to have a Twitter account
2.  You need to follow us at BookHolsDirect
3.  Please then message Linda Penman on the Facebook page with the following:

  • Your Twitter handle
  • A link to your website or facebook page (Only one)
  • How many you sleep
  • A good quality landscape picture.  This can be a single image or a collage.
  • A single SHORT sentence to showcase your property.

Remember that tweets are only 140 characters so it needs to be brief and Linda does not have the time to edit lots of text!  Something like these are great:
> Sleeps 6 Breath taking views all year round French Alps
> Sleeps 4 Period cottage 4* Gold Award winning Historic Lincoln
> Sleeps 6 Family & dog friendly Lake District  

Once on Twitter you can also join in with our weekly chat #HolsDirect which really helps get your property promoted to a lot more people.  In the 3 days since the last #HolsDirect Hour tweets containing the hashtag have reached over 115,000 Twitter accounts.  That's a lot of potential guests.

To be a Featured Property on our Facebook Group

On Facebook we feature a property for 2 days and it is Rosie Hill who chooses ... and she will only choose properties that do the following:

1.  Your property needs to be added to the regional albums on the group*
2.  In your album entry you need to have included the following:
  • A bit more detail where you are i.e. town or area/county/department etc
  • How many you sleep
  • A link to your website or Facebook page (you can add both)
  • A brief description of your property with some key selling points.  

* As well as the regional albums do make sure you are in as many other albums as fit your accommodation - and remember in these it is even more important to say where you are. 

Only album entries that have all this info stand a chance of getting featured.  And this is why ...

The albums are like a listing on an agency site - potential guests search through them looking for their next holiday and they are not going to land on your website if you don't have sufficient details.  It also does not reflect well on the group if there are details lacking as guests won't bother looking any further and may well head back to those agencies charging booking fees.
So getting a decent album listing is really important for both you and the success of the group.  PLEASE head over and check your entry now and you may be our next featured property!