Tuesday, 7 February 2017

#HolsDirect Twitter Hour on @BookHolsDirect - Mon 13th February

#HolsDirect is the weekly Twitter chat run by the admin from the Facebook Group Book your Holiday Direct with the Owner.

Join us on Monday 13th February 2017 from 7pm to 8pm (UK time) / 8pm to 9pm (in France) to promote your holiday property in France and the UK or search for your next holiday

We had some fabulous feedback from our #Twitterchat last week, here’s a couple of examples:

#HolsDirect is for Holiday Home Owners in the UK and France – Tell everyone why they should book their holiday direct with the owner.

#HolsDirect is also for Holiday Makers – For anyone looking for a holiday where high quality holiday accommodation, no hidden costs and no commission fees are important.

Throughout #HolsDirect we invite anyone looking for a holiday or a short break to ask any questions, RT and request any availability and requirements for your next holiday and don't forget to follow us and join and share our growing Facebook Group. Find your perfect holiday home, guest house or B&B in the UK or France and rent direct from the owner.

Join us on Twitter on Monday 13th February at 7pm (UK time) 8pm (French time) and get involved in answering the questions below. Use the hashtag #HolsDirect in all your tweets and @BookHolsDirect.

Remember to:
  • RT
  • RT and quote
  • Post using the hashtag #HolsDirect and @BookHolsDirect
  • Ask questions
  • Chat away
  • Include A1 at the start of your tweet to answer question 1, A2 for question 2 and so on.
  • For anyone needing a bit more help about joining in please read this post -  Getting the Best from a Twitter Hour

Pop the date in your diary and the questions for #HolsDirect hour are listed below!

#HolsDirect Hour – Monday 30th February 2017 – 7pm to 8pm (UK time)

7pm, Q1: Everyone:
Real Ale or Red Wine? What’s your favourite?

7.15pm, Q2: Everyone:
Which is your favourite season to take a holiday?

7.30pm, Q3: Holiday home owners:
Where was your last holiday?

7.45pm, Q4: Holiday home owners:
Holiday home owners – Share your February and March availability and special offers.

Please remember no links to booking websites or agencies.

We look forward to chatting with you on Monday 13th February #HolsDirect.

Alison and Rosie

PS - we think Cheddar just won over Camembert in the #HolsDirect the cheese race.  Will it be wine or beer this coming Monday?